Friday, April 15, 2005

Food follow-up

In today's Washington Post online chat with sportswriter Thomas Boswell, he claims that outside food is allowed in the stadium:

Reston, Va. - concession comment: Concessions in my opinion were not as bad as everyone said. Anyone who has been to any kind of game at any stadium knows the food is overpriced and underwhelming. My $5 beer and my $4 hot dog were not that great of course, but who cares? My feeling is some of these folks commenting on the concessions prices were used to nickel beer and quart tickets.
Tom Boswell: At least they're letting fans bring food and bottled water into the games. If you don't like lines, you don't have to stand in them

Well, this seems to be at odds with the DC Sports Commission's web site and previous Post reporting. This morning I got through to the Commission, who told me the Nats have made an exception and are allowing outside food and bottled water, although no "big buckets of chicken", according to the friendly operator.

Huzzahs all around.


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