Thursday, April 14, 2005

But no lemonade!

The Moonie Times reports that veggie dogs will be offered at RFK, although vegans are out of luck as they contain egg.

Still, this is good news considering that outside food is banned from RFK by the DC Sports Commission, acting as always in the public interest. Here's the list of what's banned:

Metal, plastic, glass containers of any kind
Backpacks and large bags
Large flags and banners
Poles and staffs (metal, plastic or wooden)
Weapons and illegal substances
Food and Beverages
Professional cameras w/detachable zoom lenses and/or tripods

It's unclear what food not enclosed in metal, plastic or glass has in common with any other item on this list.

Let's see. Poles and staffs, fireworks, pit bulls, machine guns: all good for impaling or otherwise maiming others. Banners can block some views. Whistles? I don't want to see any whistles.

The camera rule is likely a baseball-wide intellectual property issue. Does Camden Yards allow outside food? Yes. Feel free to call your friendly local sports commission/greedhead bureau at 202-547-9077 and inquire.

If anyone tries their veggie dog, let us know.


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